Deus Ex Machina x Naito
Art Direction & Design
Campaign, Print & Digital

A collaboration between Deus Ex Machina and artist Kei Naito, whose paintings create a visceral connection to the machines of speed, function and beauty that he works on daily as mechanic and President of Naito Auto Engineering in Japan. The task for this collection was to take Kei’s raw paintings and create a tangible, multifaceted campaign through the use of still life, bold graphics and photography.

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Carby Tuckwell & Stevie James
︎︎︎ Photography: Thomas Walk

Deus Ex Machina
Art Direction & Design

In Benzin Veritas is an oversized hardback coffee table book that chronicles a decade and a half of Deus Ex Machina’s custom motorcycle builds, from eccentric putt-putts to modern electric and carbon hyperbikes. With words by Gary Inman of Sideburn Magazine. 352 pages of steel and thunder.

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Carby Tuckwell
︎︎︎ Book Photography: Thomas Walk

Campaign, Website & Print

Website and editorial design for NEOUS, an Italian-made shoe brand that focuses on the synergy between material and form, citing Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy of less is more.

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Vanissa Antonious

Art Direction, Design & Illustration

A 64 page zine that reimagines the outdoor experience. Seven stories. Seven protagonists. Seven different ways of being outdoors. Deeds is about generating a new aesthetic, applying a refreshed lens on the reality of our trails, our mountains, our rivers and our oceans. It explores the natural-born wonder of the environment and how it should be accessible to everyone, not just the privileged, heroic few. This zine was created for the Kendal Mountain Festival and to be distributed throughout Patagonia’s European stores.

︎︎︎ Editorial Direction: Phil Young & Mike Fordham